Friday, January 17, 2014

Sheperd DL210 Biometric Door Lock and Deadbolt

Important Features:

  •  Fingerprint identification for key-less acces
  •  Storage of fingerprints for up to 50 users
  •  Attractive, self-contained unit; no external wiring
  •  Programmable at the door with no computer or external devices
  •  Manual mode for no-lock access when desired
  •  Key override to conform to regulations
  •  Powered by AA batteries
  • Interchangeable with Schlage/Kwikset cylindrical plus deadbolt lock sets

Some user tips:

The Shepherd 210 uses exciting technology and design that allows the opening of a locked door simply by pressing a finger on the lock.
Generally, the center of the vortex of the fingerprint pattern is the key data point; ideally it is placed in the center of the small glass window in a consistent way. Your finger should be flat, motionless and held with firm pressure in the same way each time. A very firm pressure when placing the finger gives the best image, but the finger must not move during scanning.
Moist fingers give better images than dry ones. If on cold, dry days you have difficulty then try moistening your finger with your breath or a little moisture.
Very dirty fingers are obviously not recommended, not only for obscuring the fingerprint but also for the risk of scratching the window.
The Shepherd 210 allows setting of security thresholds to determine how precisely you must place your finger to open the lock.


Outside: The fingerprint window side
Inside: Side with the programming buttons

When you slide the dust cover up on the Outside you will uncover the Power On button. Both Inside and Outside parts of the lock have Lock buttons that extend the deadbolt, although the Outside one (oval shape) is unmarked. The Inside part also has an Unlock button to retract the deadbolt. There are also three programming buttons (STORE, DELETE, and SELECT) on Inside of lock.

Registering or Programming of Fingerprints:
This is the process of acquiring the image of fingerprints of authorized persons and storing them into the lock’s memory (i.e enrolling in bio-metrics language). Two images of each finger are scanned in the process, with the same finger being placed two separate times on the window.


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